• President Letter

    • Dear friends,

      It is said that there is no big or small benevolence. It is important that there is will, desire and a good heart to help others and save from oblivion all the material and spiritual goods of our people`s culture.

      It is my great honor to be unanimously elected by my family to be the president of our family foundation - Karić Foundation.

      The time has come for the younger generation of the Karić family to take over this important role. I proudly accept the responsibility to carry on with the preservation of Serbian tradition, family life and cultural heritage. I wish to continue to foster the idea of my family that we all are responsible for our society, country and the planet. I never intend to forget my roots and, what`s more, I intend to keep the foundation as a family nest that has always been the soul of the company.

      I believe that I will abide on the road of charity, conveying to future generations what I have been taught from my early age: "The hand that gives will never be empty."

      Some will say that I am an idealist, but I firmly believe that all our aspirations, dreams and desires can be achieved only if we have the courage and faith to follow them. That's why I listen to and follow my inner voice, not speaking in words, but in the silent language of the heart. Like Martin Luther King said:"Faith is when you take the first step. You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take that step."

      Danica B. Karić