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With a strong belief that cultural dialogue contributes to an establishment of harmonious relations,

After four decades of giving and caring, of love and harmony, humanitarian work… the „Karić Brothers“

Dragi prijatelji, ispred vas je novo izdanje Biltena Fondacije Braća Karić u kome ćete naći sve

Sisterhood of the Patriarchate of Peć Abbess Mother Haritina At the time of the Intercession of the

Karić Foundation proudly congratulates the winner of the 2010 “Karić Brothers” award for

In it’sdecades-long humanitarian mission, the KarićFoundationshows exceptional care and social responsibility

Project holder Karic Foundation, Alfa BK University   1. REPATRIATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE ARTIFACTS

On behalf of the Karic Foundation M.P. Dragomir J. Karic, traditionally rewarded the best trumpeter

As part of a long-established custom, Karić family started their celebration of St. John the Baptist

The official promotion of the book ” Diary to remember eternal Serbian friends”, by Dragan