For the 22nd time at the National Theater in Belgrade, the prestigious Karic Brothers Award was pres

In it’sdecades-long humanitarian mission, the KarićFoundationshows exceptional care and social responsibili

Project holder Karic Foundation, Alfa BK University   1. REPATRI

On behalf of the Karic Foundation M.P. Dragomir J. Karic, traditionally rewarded the best trumpeter at

As part of a long-established custom, Karić family started their celebration of St. John the Baptist

The official promotion of the book " Diary to remember eternal Serbian friends", by Dragan M. Milošev

The Karic family marked 255 years of entrepreneurship and for the twenty-first time presented the Kari

The Foundation of Saint Andrew The First-Called from the Russian Federation together with the Karic Fo

The Karic Foundation has been supporting the culture, the young and the talented people for decades, a

The 58. Dragačevo Trumpet festival, mostly known as the Guča Festival, has continued its tradition a