The 50th Jubilee award ceremony "Golden Hoop" for lasting contribution to Belgrade culture whose creators were

After four decades of giving and caring, of love and harmony, humanitarian work… the „Karić Brothers“ F

At the foot of Prokletije along the Bistrica river, between the towns o

At the exit of the Čestobrodica river gorge, at the foot of the Kučaj

At a time of great temptations, faced with one of the greatest global c

In these difficult times, when the whole planet is fighting against the

Sisterhood of the Patriarchate of Peć Abbess Mother Haritina At the time of the Intercession of

Karić Foundation proudly congratulates the winner of the 2010 "Karić Brothers" award for Culture&Art and

  For the 22nd time at the National Theater in Belgrade, the prestigious Karic Brothers Award was pres

On behalf of the Karic Foundation M.P. Dragomir J. Karic, traditionally rewarded the best trumpeter at

As part of a long-established custom, Karić family started their celebration of St. John the Baptist

The official promotion of the book " Diary to remember eternal Serbian friends", by Dragan M. Milošev

The Karic family marked 255 years of entrepreneurship and for the twenty-first time presented the Kari

The Foundation of Saint Andrew The First-Called from the Russian Federation together with the Karic Fo

The Karic Foundation has been supporting the culture, the young and the talented people for decades, a

The 58. Dragačevo Trumpet festival, mostly known as the Guča Festival, has continued its tradition a

The prominent experts of the world famous and recognized American MAYO Clinic were guests of the Karic

"Everyone has first love, but I have two. When we play hide and seek, where first to go I don’t know

As in previous years, the Karic family celebrated St. John the Baptist in the villa „Jelena" with ma

The Karic Brothers Award Ceremony honoured winners from Serbia and abroad for outstanding achievements

The International Belgrade Books Fair held from October 22nd to 29th, gathered around 500 exhibitors w

The Cooperation Agreement between the two Foundations was signed in the city of Patras in Greece, duri

Holy lustration of the renovated St. Zosim hermitage at the Tumane Monastery near Golubac and the fest

The first solo exhibition of Anatoliy Ivakin titled " Picturesque Land", Serbia seen through the eyes

His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej has cut the ceremonial cake the day before the Karić family pat

The National Theatre in Belgrade hosted the Karic Brothers Award Ceremony on Monday night, November 28

The opening of the 61st Belgrade International Book Fair was announced by brass fanfare and the famous

The ALFA BK University Rector prof. dr Mila Popović-Živančević has taken part in the opening of th

Members of Serbian Parlament, Milanka i Dragomir J. Karić attended the International Conference on "D

The Karic Foundation organized in its premises an official promotion of the book "Zhambyl - poet of th

On behalf of the Karic Foundation and the Karic family, Mr Dragomir J. Karic MP awarded the Trumpeter

The first book fair in Andricgrad was opened on June 27, 2016, at which works of contemporary domestic

After nearly eight decades of cultural, historical and scientific injustice, in front of us is the onl

The 18th "Karić Brothers" Award Ceremony was held on November 30, 2015 at the National Theatre in Bel

"What would have happened if it didn't happen" was the motto of the 60th International Belgrade Book F

A memorial was revealed at the Medical High School of Professional Studies in Cuprija, in honor of its founder

"Life gives back what you give to others" On Wednesday, October 31 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Celebrating 30 years of humanitarian work, the Karić Foundation organized the 15th awarding of presti

Only two days are left to the Karić Brothers Award Ceremony and the laureates began to arrive from al

Celebrating its30 years of humanitarian work, the Karić Foundation organizes the 15th awarding of prestigious

In it’sdecades-long humanitarian mission, the KarićFoundationshows exceptional care and social responsibili