Many members of the Karić family have left behind a significant trace

The beginnings of the Karićfamily are related to the beautiful city of Peć beneath mount Prokletije, in the cultivated Metohija, the cradle of the Serbian state . The members of the Karić family, as well as many other Serbian families during the five centuries of Ottoman occupation, set off to the four sides of the world, to various regions. That’s why today they can be found everywhere, on the east and west, north and south.

The success of today’s Karić family caused the interest of scientists to learn more about them. There are many assumptions about the displacement of the old and respected family.

Parts of the Karić family migrated towards Montenegro, Herzegovina and Bosnia, to Dubrovnik, and from there further to the west across the ocean. One of the assumptions is that part of the Karić family moved to the northeast to Vojvodina and Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Pridnjestrovje in Moldova, as well as to Russia, especially around the river Volga.

According to the latest research, the Dubrovnik archives possess a dozen of documents about the famous medieval merchant Radivoje Karić and others whose ancestors, coming from Metohija, settled in Herzegovina. The documents say that in 1428.the trader Radivoje Karić and his family came from Hum countries, i.e. the Duchy of Saint Sava – Old Herzegovina.